About the music

Find out more about the music that we’re singing this term.

Dvorak’s Mass in D

Read about Dvorak on Wikipedia. There’s something on a Czech (english-language) web page about the Mass in D itself.

There are many performances on YouTube: if you find a particularly good one, please send me an email or share it in the comments below.

You can find rehearsal files on Cyberbass (but not on the other site I often recommend).

Mascagni Easter Hymn

The piece often known as the Easter Hymn is a chorus from Mascagni’s one-act opera Cavalleria rusticana (if your opera friends talk about Cav & Pag, this is Cav: Pag is Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci.

As usual, there are lots of performances on youtube: again there are many performances, and I haven’t listened to them. Recommendations welcome.

The Cyberbass entry is 3. Regina Coeli on the Cavalleria Rusticana page.

Online help: Cyberbass and MIDI rehearsal files

MIDI files are a kind of computer-readable music that any PC can read and play. Choral rehearsal files have the different singer’s parts provided separately, and a file specialised for the soprano will have other parts muted and the soprano part brought forward.

It’s pretty straightforward. Links above, with each piece of music.

If you want to learn a bit more about this, read (eg) at John’s Midi File Choral Music Site.

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