Learning resources – Spring 2020

You can get help on the internet to learn choral parts. We generally recommend Cyberbass.com, which has synthetic instruments playing your part loudly and other parts quietly.

Choralia is excellent in that it renders your part in a robot voice; not very expressive, but it really helps you find your way.

learnchoralmusic.co.uk is a non-commercial site run by volunteers. It may be a bit more clunky in use, but you can download files and use them offline (you have to pay for that at Cyberbass). However, this site downloads “midi” music files, and you will probably need to find a “midi player” app for your computer, smartphone or tablet. There’s more help with this at the site’s help page.

Singers: if you’ve found a midi app which works well, please let us know.

A singer has drawn attention to the output of Musicwoofer on Soundcloud. These seem to be real performances sung by soloists, with the volume turned up on the voice of your choice. Good stuff. It’s a very well-built-and-debugged site, too. Worth searching.

Brahms: Requiem

It’s easy to find recordings which play your line on a (digital) instrument: available at both cyberbass and learn choral music. Probably more useful is that with a synthesised voice at choralia.

Help with words is elusive, because most online materials are for the German-language version.

Here’s a video of a performance sung in english. If it’s useful to you there’s one with an animated score (but in german).

Vaughan Williams: Five Mystical Songs

Not on cyberbass. Here are learning files with synthetic voices from choralia, or (with instrumental voices) from Learn Choral Music.

And here’s a video of a complete performance. A kind volunteer has provided links to the start of each section, which might help you along:

  1. Easter [0:00]
  2. I got me flowers [4:25]
  3. Love bade me welcome [7:05]
  4. The call [12:15]
  5. Antiphon [14:10]

Do you know anything better?

If you’ve got any more suggestions of good sites for practising either of these pieces, let us know and we’ll share them here.