Spring term 2022 — Revised dates

We’ve had to delay our new term while omicron had its way with the population of London.

We hope to start our delayed spring term on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 — the Tuesday after school half-terms. We’ll then meet every Tuesday until the 29th March, then break for easter (the school will be closed). We’ll restart on Tuesday 26th April and then each Tuesday until the 17th May. Rehearsals start at 7.30pm, but please be early the first week to allow time to register and pick up scores.

This split term is an unusual arrangement, and seems the best we can do in the face of the epidemic!

New members will be welcome to come to a rehearsal on a trial basis on 22nd or 29th February. The full period’s fees will be £50.

Our main piece will be the Fauré Requiem, which is beautiful and not too hard — it still seems like a bad time to attempt challenging material! We’ll work towards a concert planned for Saturday 21st May.

Please put these dates in your diary if you want to sing with us, but further change is always possible in these uncertain times. You should get email from us.

I expect we will still need some level of care about infecting each other, so please bring your facemask and expect to wear it when not singing.