North Camden Chorus – choir history

North Camden Chorus was formed in around 1978 for parents and students of William Ellis and Parliament Hill Schools to perform major choral works. We’re less connected with the schools these days, but local school students sometimes perform solos in our concerts and often join in with our orchestral accompaniment.

The choir has benefitted from a sudden surge of interest in choral singing in the last few years. TV programmes and the likes of Gareth Malone may have helped with this. We now have anywhere between 100-150 members signed up for our autumn and spring terms. Around 80-120 members then join us to perform at our Christmas and spring concerts. We have an age range from under twenty to over seventy. Find out more about the choir today.

Previous conductors have included Colin Durrant, John Madden and (for many years) Neil Bowman. Soloists have included Andrew Carwood, Mark Wilde and Michael Palin! Find out more about our current leaders.