Music learning resources

Some of this term’s music is quite challenging: there are some handy online resources to help you practice at home:

Handel Messiah – You can find this on our old favourite, Cyberbass and it’s also on Choralia (where your part is sung by a robot-voice: strange, but quite effective).  Maybe best are good videos too, like these by ChordPerfect for soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Zelenka Magnificat – You can find this on Choralia as well and on this French website Le Bouclier (thanks to Faith for finding that one!)

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…): here’s a video using the same arrangement.

Rutter’s “Nativity Carol“: midi files for soprano, alto, tenor, bass. But choralia will probably work more easily.

Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day: video by parts, then midi files for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and all together.