Learning resources – Autumn 2019

Online learning resources

You can get help on the internet to learn choral parts. We’ve generally recommended Cyberbass.com, who have synthetic instruments playing your part loudly and other parts quietly. But it appears that Cyberbass have changed their site in some way and many singers are finding it doesn’t work any more.

Choralia is an excellent alternative, perhaps the best yet, but only some pieces are available free.

learnchoralmusic.co.uk is a less commercial site than either. It may be a bit more clunky in use, but you can download files and use them offline (you have to pay for that at cyberbass). However, this site downloads “midi” music files, and you may need to find a “midi player” app for your computer, smartphone or tablet.  There’s more help with this at the site’s help page.

A singer has drawn attention to the output of musicwoofer on soundcloud. These seem to be real performances sung by soloists, with the volume turned up on the voice of your choice.  Good stuff.  It’s a very well-built-and-debugged site, too.

Coronation Anthems

Take a bit of care; there are versions with more than four voices.

On the same page at cyberbass. Our anthems are shown there as No 1 “Zadok” (all in one file) and No 2 “The King Shall Rejoice” (split up into movements). Choralia have Zadok the Priest, and The King Shall Rejoice.  learnchoral music have Zadok and The King Shall Rejoice separately.

Bach Cantata BWV140 “Watchet auf…”

Here it is at choralia, and  learnchoralmusic.

Holst “Christmas Day”

Soundcloud’s musicwooster looks like the bees knees, unless you’re a tenor.  And then it might be useful (try the “balanced voices”)

“O Holy Night” (Adams, arranged Rutter)

On choralia.