Autumn 2021 rehearsals and concert

Our first rehearsal will be on next Tuesday 21st September, then every Tuesday at 7.30pm until Tuesday 30th November, except for Tuesday 26th October when the school will be closed for half-term.  Our concert will be at 7.30pm on Saturday 4th December.

We’ll be singing Vivaldi’s “Gloria”, which is not too difficult, sounds wonderful, and will be familiar to many of you. (It doesn’t seem the year for challenging material.) We provide hired scores, but if you’d prefer to get your own it’s the “Ricordi” edition, widely available. We’ll also learn some Christmas songs.

Here’s how we plan to make our evenings safe.

Please come in good time for 7.30pm so you can fill in the attendance register and get seated. All rehearsals will be at William Ellis School, London NW5 1RN. The school hall is on the first floor.

Covid safety: please read and follow our covid precautions (updated on 2nd October). Most of you will be fully vaccinated, and some of you will have recovered after a positive test. But if neither is the case please get in touch and let us know now; we may need to plan extra distancing measures.

I’m afraid we will not be able to provide mid-rehearsal refreshments on Tuesday, and perhaps not at any rehearsal this term. Please bring something to drink.

Registration checklist

For a safe rehearsal please:

  • Wear a face mask on the school premises until the choir director asks you to remove it to sing, then replace it for break and when you’re leaving.
  • Sit well spaced out.
  • You are welcome to keep your face mask on when singing.
  • Bring your pencil and always tick the attendance sheet (will be outside the hall) as you come in. We are obliged to have correct information.

If you’re returning to the choir for the first time this term, please find our deputy treasurer (Jane, in the sopranos) and pay your fee by cash or cheque made out to North Camden Chorus.  You can pick up a score from our librarian Pete.  Ask if they’re not just outside the hall.


North Camden Chorus needs new singers. Every term some singers change jobs, move house or find something else intrudes on their Tuesday evenings. We all have to work to replace them. If you know anyone who might like to sing, see whether they’ll come along with you. Send them this link: