Autumn rehearsal schedule

Find out what we’ll be rehearsing each week, or download a Bach score. You can listen in advance or catch up on any weeks you miss.

  • Vivaldi – Magnificat
  • Bach – Cantata 62 (Num komm der Heiden Heiland)
  • Purcell – O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song
  • Christmas tunes

Week by week rehearsal schedule

20 September
Vivaldi – Deposuit + Et Misericordia

27 September
Vivaldi – Fecit Potentiam, Magnificat + Ex Exultant

4 October
Vivaldi – Suscepit + Gloria

11 October
Purcell – O Sing Unto the Lord

18 October
Purcell – any remaining + Vivaldi Revision

1 November
Bach – up to bar 46 (sops New Year’s Day Carol)

8 November
Bach – remainder + final chorale

15 November
Carols – Ding Dong arr, The Infant King

22 November
Sans Day Carol + 4 part Congregational carols

29 November
Revision as required

Saturday 3 December – day of the concert
We’ll run through everything in the church. The rehearsal will start at about 2pm and run until about 5.30pm, then we’ll have a break before the concert starts at 7.30pm.


We’re loaning copies of the music to everyone who signs up for the term, but if you’d rather use your own personal copies, these are the editions we’ll be learning from:

Vivaldi – Recordi

Bach – Breitkopf (download a clean scan)

Purcell – Novello arr, Watkins Shaw

Learning resources

You can find useful recordings of your part to sing along to and practice on Cyberbass and sometimes other sites: